Listen to Radio Swiss Pop via satellite

Radio Swiss Pop can be received throughout Europe by satellite (DVB-S2) in superb sound quality and with accompanying text information (song title and artist). DVB satellite reception is free. For information on installing a DVB-S2 receiver system, go to (German).

Settings for Radio Swiss Pop:

  • Satellite:   EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13B
  • Orbital position:   13° E
  • Transponder:   123
  • Standard:   DVB-S2 (8PSK)
  • Frequency:   10.971 GHz
  • FEC:   2/3
  • Polarisation:   horizontal
  • Symbol rate:   29.700Msym/s
  • Service Name:   Swiss Pop
  • Service ID:   17235
  • Audio PID/PCR:   225
  • Channel mode:   Stereo
  • Receiver   digital DVB-S2 receiver


If you have any technical questions or reception problems, please contact the help desk at the SRG SSR Distribution Service Center:

Media Services
Distribution / Customer Care
Fernsehstrasse 1-4
Postfach 128
CH-8052 Zürich

Hotline +41 (0)848 868 969
Fax +41 (0)44 305 65 51

Feedback: form for reporting problems