Listen to Radio Swiss Pop online

You can listen to Radio Swiss Pop worldwide on web radio. Start the stream directly by clicking on the player on this page, or listen to our programme using the media player on your computer. To do so, click on the desired stream below. For mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, we offer free apps.

Live stream links

aacPlus stream *
Quality: 96 kbps - the best audio quality
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aacPlus Stream *
Quality: 32 kbps - good audio quality
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MP3 Stream
Quality: 128 kbps - Gute Hörqualität
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Launch stream with Windows Media Player

* Thanks to a better audio encoding method, aacPlus provides better listening quality despite a lower bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Internet radio

Of course, you can also listen to Radio Swiss Pop on Wi-Fi internet radios. You will find Radio Swiss Pop in the integrated selection list on most devices. If not, you can add our station yourself using one of the following URLs:


If none of the links above work, try using this:

Peer-to-peer MP3 stream

Until further notice Radio Swiss Pop can also be heard as a 192kbps MP3 stream!
This is possible thanks to a technical trial being conducted by the EBU and Octoshape. This trial is based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, which enables each additional user not only to listen to our radio but at the same time transmit it. Please help by clicking the link below.

Listen to 192kbps P2P MP3 stream
The first time you use this application, you will be asked to install the free software.