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Take This Heart

Richard Marx

Rush Street

Date of recording

1991, Los Angeles

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Richard Marx (Soloist) (vocals)

16.9.1963Chicago, Illinois (IL), United States

Jonathan Moffett (drums)

New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), United States

Nathan East ()

8.12.1955Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), United States

Michael Landau (guitar)

1.6.1958Los Angeles, California (CA), United States

Michael Egizi (keyboard)
Chris Trujillo (percussion)


Richard Marx (Composer, Text author, Arranger)

16.9.1963Chicago, Illinois (IL), United States

Album information

Rush Street

Richard Marx

Rush Street

Year of production


Record Label

Gold Disc


  • 1. Playing with fire
  • 2. Love unemotional
  • 3. Keep coming back
  • 4. Take this heart
  • 5. Hazard
  • 6. Hands in your pocket
  • 7. Calling you
  • 8. Superstar
  • 9. Streets of pain
  • 10. I get no sleep
  • 11. Big boy now
  • 12. Chains around my heart
  • 13. Your world