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Silver Thunderbird

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn

Date of recording

1991, New York City

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Marc Cohn (Soloist) (piano, vocals)

5.7.1959Cleveland, Ohio (OH), United States

Ben Wisch (keyboard)
Kenny White (background voice, keyboard, percussion)
Don Alias (percussion)

25.12.1939New York City, New York (NY), United States

† 29.3.2006New York City, New York (NY), United States

Bill Dillon (pedal steel guitar)
Steve Tubin (accordion)
Robin Batteau (mandoline)
Peter Gordon (french horn)


Marc Cohn (Composer, Text author)

5.7.1959Cleveland, Ohio (OH), United States

John Leventhal (Arranger)

18.12.1952New York City, New York (NY), United States

Kenny White (Arranger)

Album information

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn

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  • 1. Walking in Memphis
  • 2. Ghost train
  • 3. Silver thunderbird
  • 4. Dig down deep
  • 5. Walk on water
  • 6. Miles away
  • 7. Saving the best for last
  • 8. Strangers in a car
  • 9. Twenty-nine ways (= 29)
  • 10. Perfect love
  • 11. True companion