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I Go To Sleep


I Go To Sleep


Interpreti Pretenders

Compositori Ray Davies

Data di registrazione ca 1981


Greatest Hits

Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde, Moodswings, UB40

Greatest Hits

Casa discografica Warner / 8573 84607 2

Anno di produzione 2000

1. Brass in pocket   
2. Message of love
3. Don't get me wrong
4. Kid
5. Human (Tin tin out remix   
7. Forever young   
8. I got you babe
9. Night in my veins
10. Spiritual high (State of independence)
11. Talk of the town
12. Stop your sobbing
13. Hymn to her
14. Two thousand miles = 2000 miles
15. Breakfast in bed
16. Popstar
17. Middle of the road
18. Thin line between love and hate
19. Back on the chain gang
20. I'll stand by you