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Living Next Door To Alice


Living Next Door To Alice


Interpreti Smokie
- Chris Norman (vocals, guitar)
- Alan Silson (guitar)
- Terry Uttley (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Peter "Pete" Spencer (Drums, drums)

Compositori Nicky Chinn Mike Chapman Mike Chapman

Data di registrazione ca 1976


Forever. Ihre 32 grössten Hits

Chris Norman, Smokie, Suzi Quatro

Forever. Ihre 32 grössten Hits

Casa discografica Ariola / 353 923

Anno di produzione 1990

Tracks - CD 1
2. Something's Been Making Me Blue
3. Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To Me = Don't play your rock'n'roll to me
4. I Can't Stay Here Tonight
5. Poor Lady (Midnight Baby)
6. It's Your Life
7. Changing All The Time
8. Mexican Girl
9. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
10. Stranger
11. Talking Her Round
12. For A Few Dollars More
13. The Dancer
14. Now You Think You Know
15. We're Flyin' High = We're flyin' high
Tracks - CD 2
2. In The Heat Of The Night
3. Baby It's You
4. Oh Carol
5. Back To Bradford
6. The Coldest Night
7. Power Of Love
8. I'll Meet You At Midnight
10. Wild Wild Angels
11. Liverpool Docks
12. Petesey's Song
13. When My Back Was Against The Wall
14. Goin' Tomorrow = Goin' tomorrow
15. The Girl Can't Help It
16. I Do Declare