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All My Life

Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville

All My Life


Interpreti Linda Ronstadt (vocals)
Aaron Neville (vocals)
Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
David Campbell

Compositori Karla Bonoff David Campbell

Data di registrazione marzo 1989 - agosto 1989


Cry Like A Rainstorm

Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville

Cry Like A Rainstorm

Casa discografica Elektra / 960 872-2

Anno di produzione 1989

1. Still within the sound of my voice
2. Cry like a rainstorm
4. I need you
6. Adios
7. Trouble again
8. I keep it hid
9. So right, so wrong
10. Shattered
11. When something is wrong with my Baby
12. Goodbye my friend (For Casey)