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I'll Be Around

Daryl Hall & John Oates

I'll Be Around


Interpreti Daryl Hall
John Oates

Compositori Thomas Randolph Bell Phil Hurtt


Our Kind Of Soul

Daryl Hall, John Oates

Our Kind Of Soul

Casa discografica U-Watch Records / 0250002ABM

Anno di produzione 2005

1. Let love take control
2. Standing in the shadow of love
3. I'll be around
4. Used to be my girl
5. Soul violins
6. I can dream about you
7. Don't turn your back on me
8. Fading away
9. Neither one of us
10. After the dance
11. Rock steady
12. Love TKO
13. What you see is what you get
14. Can't get enough of your love
15. You are everything
16. I'm still in love with you
19. I can dream about you (single edit)