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Lily Was Here

David A. Stewart feat. Candy Dulfer

Lily Was Here


Interpreti David A. Stewart (guitar)
Candy Dulfer (saxophone)
Virginia Astley (keyboards)
Pat Seymour (keyboards)
Chucho Merchan (e-bass)
Olle Romo (drums)

Compositori David A. Stewart Pat Seymour Edward Shearmur

Data di registrazione ca 1989


Lily Was Here. Original Soundtrack

David A. Stewart, Annie Lennox

Lily Was Here. Original Soundtrack

Casa discografica RCA (Radio Corporation Of America) / ZD 74233

Anno di produzione 1989

Lily Was Here (Film)
2. The Pink Building
3. Lily Robs The Bank
4. Toyshop Robbery
5. Toys On The Sidewalk
6. The Good Hotel
7. Second Chance
8. Here Comes The Rain Again
9. Alone In The City
10. Toyshop (Part 1 = One)
11. The Coffin
12. Teletype
13. Inside The Pink Building
14. Percussion Jam
15. Peaches
16. Lily Was Here (Reprise)