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Come Back And Stay

Paul Young

Come Back And Stay


Interpreti Paul Young (vocals)

Compositori Jack Lee

Data di registrazione ca 1983


From Time To Time. The Singles Collection

Paul Young, Zucchero Fornaciari

From Time To Time. The Singles Collection

Casa discografica Sony, Columbia / 468825 2

Anno di produzione 1991

3. I'm only foolin' myself (= fooling)   
4. Senza una donna (Without a woman)   
5. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down   
6. Broken man   
7. Everything must change   
8. Wonderland   
9. Don't dream it's over   
10. Love of the common people   
11. Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)   
12. Both sides now   
13. Some people   
14. Oh girl   
15. Softly whispering I love you