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At The Beginning

Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

At The Beginning


Interpreti Richard Marx (vocals)
Donna Lewis (vocals)

Compositori Stephen Flaherty Lynn Ahrens Richard Marx Aaron Zigman

Data di registrazione ca 1997


Anastasia. Original Soundtrack

Jonathan Dokuchitz, Liz Callaway, Jim Cummings, Kelsey Grammer, Bernadette Peters, Richard Marx, Donna Lewis, Aaliyah, Deana Carter, David "Fathead" Newman, Thalia

Anastasia. Original Soundtrack

Casa discografica Atlantic / 7567-83053-2

Anno di produzione 1997

Anastasia (1997) (Film)
1. A rumor in St. Petersburg   
2. Journey to the past   
3. Once upon a december   
4. In the dark of the night   
5. Learn to do it   
6. Learn to do it (Waltz reprise)   
7. Paris holds the key (to your heart)   
9. Journey to the past   
10. Once upon a december   
11. Prologue   
12. Speaking of Sophie   
13. The nightmare   
14. Kidnap and reunion   
15. Reminiscing with grandma   
16. Finale   
17. Viaje tiempo atras