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Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)

Mike & The Mechanics

Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)


Interpreti Mike + The Mechanics
- Paul Carrack
- Paul Young
- Adrian Lee
- Peter Van Hooke
- Mike Rutherford (vocals, electric guitar, Elektrischer Bass)

Compositori Mike Rutherford B. A. Robertson

Data di registrazione ca 1985


Mike And The Mechanics

Mike + The Mechanics

Mike And The Mechanics

Casa discografica WEA / 252 496-2

Anno di produzione 1985

On Dangerous Ground (Film)
2. All I Need Is A Miracle
3. Par Avion
4. Hanging By A Thread
5. I Get The Feeling
6. Take The Reins
7. You Are The One
8. A Call To Arms
9. Taken In