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Over My Shoulder

Mike & The Mechanics

Over My Shoulder


Interpreti Mike + The Mechanics
Paul Carrack (keyboard, vocals)
Mike Rutherford (keyboard, Elektrischer Bass, guitar)
Peter Van Hooke (drums)

Compositori Paul Carrack Mike Rutherford

Data di registrazione ca 1995


Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

Mike + The Mechanics

Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

Casa discografica Offside Records / 7243 8 40143 2 2

Anno di produzione 1995

3. You've really got a hold on me   
4. Mea culpa   
6. Someone always hates someone   
7. The ghost of sex and you   
8. Web of lies   
9. Plain and simple   
10. Something to believe in   
11. A house of many rooms   
12. I believe (when I fall in love, it will be forever)   
13. Going, going ... home