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If This Is It

Huey Lewis & the News

If This Is It


Interpreti Huey Lewis & The News

Compositori Johnny Colla Huey Lewis

Data di registrazione 1983


The Heart Of Rock'n Roll. The Best Of

Huey Lewis & The News

The Heart Of Rock'n Roll. The Best Of

Casa discografica Chrysalis / 3 21934 2

Anno di produzione 1992

Back To The Future (Film)
2. Hip To Be Square
5. Some Of My Lies Are True
6. Workin' For A Livin' = Workin' for a livin'
7. Bad Is Bad
8. I Want A New Drug
10. Heart And Soul   
11. Jocob's Ladder
13. Trouble In Paradise
14. Walking On A Thin Line
15. Perfect World
16. Small World (Part One)
17. Back In Time