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When Your Heart Is Weak

Cock Robin

When Your Heart Is Weak


Interpreti Cock Robin
Peter Kingsbery (guitar)
Anna LaCazio (vocals)

Compositori Peter Kingsbery

Data di registrazione ca 1986


The Best Of ...

Cock Robin, Peter Kingsbery

The Best Of ...

Casa discografica Columbia / 469206 2

Anno di produzione 1991

2. El norte
3. It's only make believe
4. Just around the corner
5. The promise you made
6. The biggest fool of all
7. Don't think twice, it's all right
8. Worlds apart
9. Thought you were on my side
10. Straighter line
11. The part that I miss
12. Hunting down a killer
13. Cowards courage
14. Have you any sympathy ?
15. Any more than I could understand
16. A little innocence