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Hold On My Heart

Per Gessle feat. Helena Josefsson

Hold On My Heart


Interpreti Per Gessle (acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica)
Helena Josefsson (vocals)
Christoffer Lundquist (percussion, e-bass, guitars, keyboards, flute)
Clarence Öfwerman (keyboard)
Anders Herrlin (e-bass)

Compositori Per Gessle

Data di registrazione ottobre 2016 - gennaio 2018


Small Town Talk

Per Gessle, Helena Josefsson, Nick Lowe, Savannah Church, Jessica S

Small Town Talk

Casa discografica Elevator Entertainment / 5384152892

Anno di produzione 2018

1. There's A Place
3. Small Town Talk
4. Simple Sound
5. Far Too Close
7. No One Makes It On Her Own
9. It Came Too Fast
10. Name You Beautiful
11. For The First Time
12. One Of These Days
13. Rudy & Me