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Real Christmas

Patric Scott

Real Christmas


Interpreti Patric Scott (men voice, background voice, vocals)
Martin De Vries
Petra Bonmassar (background voice)

Compositori Martin De Vries Patric Scott

Data di registrazione ca 2015
1. gennaio 2015 - 31. dicembre 2015


Real Christmas

Patric Scott, Jesse Ritch, Fabienne Louves, Eveline Suter, Cornelia Boesch, Saphira, Jo Elle, Jennifer Sarah Boone, Kristina Love, Zazou Mall, Invivas, Annemieke van Dam, Evelyn

Real Christmas

Casa discografica Cloud26 Records / s.n.

Anno di produzione 2015

3. O Holy Night   
4. Silent Night   
5. Another Year Has Gone By   
6. White Christmas   
7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas   
8. All I Want For Xmas   
9. Baby It's Cold Outside   
10. Note To God   
11. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow   
12. Last Christmas   
13. All I Want For Christmas Is You   
14. These Are The Special Times   
15. Jingle Bell Rock   
16. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)   
17. Time To Believe