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The Warrior


The Warrior


Interpreti Scandal
- Patty Smyth (vocals)
- Keith Mack
- Tom Welsch
- Eran Asias

Compositori Holly Knight Nick Gilder

Data di registrazione 1984


Greatest Hits

Scandal, Patty Smyth

Greatest Hits

Casa discografica Columbia / 491750 2

Anno di produzione 1998

2. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Armageddon. Original Filmmusik (Film)
3. Wish I Were You
4. Carnival Lights
5. Love's Got A Line On You
6. Goodbye To You
7. I Should Be Laughing
8. Downtown Train
9. The River Cried
10. Everyone Gets Older
11. Say What You Will
12. Beat Of A Heart
13. Heartache Round The World
14. Isn't It Enough
15. No Mistakes
16. Hands Tied