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Leaving Tomorrow

Bastian Baker

Leaving Tomorrow


Interpreti Bastian Baker (percussion, men voice, vocals, guitar)
Fergus Gerrand (percussion, drums)
Ken Stringfellow (keyboard, guitar)
Murray Gould (guitars)
Simon Jaccard (keyboard)
David Levy (bass)
Mark Stanway (keyboard)
Marie Traube (violin)
Timothée Botbol (Violoncello)
Esmee Luke (background voice)

Compositori Bastian Baker Thomas Fessler

Data di registrazione ca 2014
1. gennaio 2014 - 31. dicembre 2014


Too Old To Die Young - Upgraded Edition

Bastian Baker, Rootwords

Too Old To Die Young - Upgraded Edition

Casa discografica Phonag Records / 0081718PHO

Anno di produzione 2014

1. 79 Clinton Street   
3. You're The One   
4. Follow The Wind   
5. Bewitched   
6. One Last Time   
7. Dirty Thirty   
8. Kids Off The Streets   
9. Never In Your Town   
10. Prime   
11. Earrings On A Table   
12. Song For E.V.   
13. Give Me Your Heart   
14. One Last Time (Live Acoustic Version)   
15. I Won't Cry   
16. Come Home