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Don't Shed A Tear

Paul Carrack

Don't Shed A Tear


Interpreti Paul Carrack (vocals)

Compositori E. Schwartz R. Friedman

Data di registrazione 1987


Twenty-One Good Reasons

Ace, Squeeze, Carlene Carter, Paul Carrack, Mike + The Mechanics

Twenty-One Good Reasons

Casa discografica Chrysalis / 7243 8 27221 2 0

Anno di produzione 1994

2. The real feeling
3. No future in your eyes
4. You're all that I need
5. Tempted
6. Do me lover
7. Oh how happy
8. The rumour
10. Always better with you
11. A little unkind
12. One good reason
14. Button off my shirt
16. I live by the groove
17. Only my heart can tell
On Dangerous Ground (Film)
20. Silent running (On dangerous ground)
21. The living years