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How Long Will I Love You?


How Long Will I Love You?


Interpreti The Waterboys
Mike Scott (vocals, guitar)
Anthony Thistlethwaite (mandoline, saxophone)
Colin Blakey (organ, piano, flute)
Steve Wickham (violin, organ)
Noel Bridgeman (percussion, drums)
Sharon Shannon (violin, accordion)
Trevor Hutchinson (bouzouki, Elektrischer Bass)
Roddy Lorimer (trumpet)
Neil Sidwell (Trombone)
Kieran Wilde (clarinet)
Johnny Burke (background voice)
Ken Samson (didgeridoo)
Barry Beckett (piano)

Compositori Mike Scott

Data di registrazione ca 1990


Room To Roam

The Waterboys

Room To Roam

Casa discografica Ensign / CCD 1768

Anno di produzione 1990

1. In search of a rose
2. Song from the end of the world
3. A man is in love
4. Kaliope house
5. Bigger picture
6. Natural bridge blues
7. Something that is gone
8. The star and the sea
9. A life of Sundays
10. Islandman
11. The raggle taggle gypsy
13. Upon the wind and waves
14. Spring comes to Spiddal
15. The trip to Broadford
16. Further up, further in
17. Room to roam
18. Sans titre