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Nobody's Perfect

William White

Nobody's Perfect


Interpreti William White (vocals)
Philipp Schweidler (percussion, keyboard, bass, programming, guitar)
Simon Kistler (drums)
Jean-Pierre von Dach (guitar)
Jean-Paul Brodbeck (piano)
Freda Goodlett (background voice)
Philippe Kuhn (organ)

Compositori Philipp Schweidler Moritz Schneider

Data di registrazione ca 2013


Recycling Lily

William White, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Caroline Chevin

Recycling Lily

Casa discografica MovieScore Media / MMS13016/KRON CD030

Anno di produzione 2013

Recycling Lily (2013) (Film)
2. Recyling Lily   
3. The Inspectors   
4. Happy World   
5. Burning Puppy   
6. On The Bike   
7. Fat And Lonely   
8. Cleaning Up Blues   
9. Almost Kissed   
10. Kissed   
11. Cleaning Up And The Crash   
12. Police Arriving   
13. Emma Falling   
14. Australia   
15. Running In The Woods   
16. Carrying Mom   
17. Showdown   
18. Coming Home   
19. The End   
20. Lucky Burger   
21. Recycling Surf