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I Got You Babe

Sonny and Cher

I Got You Babe


Interpreti Sonny and Cher
- Cher (vocals)
- Sonny Bono (vocals)

Compositori Sonny Bono

Data di registrazione 1965


Cher's Greatest Hits 1965-1992

Cher, Sonny and Cher

Cher's Greatest Hits 1965-1992

Casa discografica Geffen Records /Interscope / GED24439

Anno di produzione 1992

2. Whenever you're near
3. Many rivers to cross
4. Love and understanding
5. Save up all your tears
Mermaids (Film)
6. The shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss)
7. If I could turn back time
8. Just like Jesse James
9. Heart of stone
10. I found someone
11. We all sleep alone
12. Bang-bang
13. Dead ringer for love
14. Dark lady
15. Gypsys, tramps and thieves