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Eddie Walker

nato il 22.3.1966 a Aldershot, Hampshire, Gran Bretagna

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Eddie Walker

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Eddie Walker is an American musician who has played in many bands in North Carolina, primarily as a drummer.

Musical career

Ben Folds

Eddie's bands include Ben Folds' first notable project - Majosha, where he played alongside Ben and Evan Olson (with whom he went on to form Bus Stop, alongside Ben's brother, Chuck Folds, and Britt "Snuzz" Uzzell), amongst others. Eddie did not join this band until after both of their recordings - Party Night - Five Songs about Jesus and Shut Up and Listen to Majosha were released.

Notes from a Strange Mailbag

"Although "Fight For Your Right to Party" and "Walk This Way" were dominating the radio charts, no one was combining rock and rap in a live element. Fact is, Notes From a Strange Mailbag were blending components of rock/rap/metal before most people would admit to liking more than one of these genres. Afterall, this was 1986. It wasn't until years later that bands like Urban Dance Squad made a splash and much later before Beck mastered the still-fledgling 'genre'. Notes were ahead of their time, way ahead of their time." --- Glenn Boothe (1997), manager of NFSM

Eddie played drums for this band during the 1980s. The following videos are live from the last song ever performed at Hot Tamales, legendary Greensboro nightclub of the mid to late 80s in Greensboro, NC (10/2/1988). Many people remember "Elevator" as a song by the Sex Police, featuring Norwood (the author), but it was Notes who originally arranged, performed and recorded the song. Through the glass you can see the crowd outside as the room was filled to capacity for the Notes reunion. Notes was originally a highschool band known as Map Of Africa, featuring Evan Olson, Eddie, and Norwood "Chip" Cheek. Jeff Carroll joined the other three upon arriving at UNC-Greensboro. Their first show was performing the B-52's "Rock Lobster" at a high school talent show. Notes broke up in 1987. They released two cassette EPs: "You Are the Boy" and "Demos". A CD of many of their recordings, titled "If I Was Russian I Would Be a Czar", was released in 1997. The band reunited one last time in October 1988 at the closing event of the above mentioned Tate Street restaurant and club: Hot Tamales. Eddie Walker not only played drums in Notes but turntables as well.

  1. "Look at My Hey!"
  2. "Jump On That Elevator"
  3. "Hello, How Are You?"
  4. "Doy!"

Bus Stop

With the previously mentioned Bus Stop, Eddie released 7 recordings - 2 cassettes ("Straight Ahead" and the self-titled Bus Stop), 4 LPs (Bus Stop, No Parking, A Little Faster and Miracle Time) and one compilation album, the Japanese Ball and Chain.

After Bus Stop disbanded, Eddie and Chuck formed Britt's band (also called "Snuzz") and Eddie remains Britt's drummer to this day. Eddie also appeared on several of Evan Olson's solo albums and played "In Love" live with Ben Folds and William Shatner from Ben's first solo album, Fear of Pop, Volume 1.


Eddie plays in North Carolina-based cover band, Walrus, recently joined briefly by Snuzz and (former member of Ben Folds Five and International Orange) Robert Sledge. Eddie is currently involved in the recording of Snuzz's upcoming 4th album Big Potatoes.


Eddie's name is the inspiration for the Ben Folds song, "Eddie Walker" (though it is not actually about him; Ben just "borrowed" his name), which features on the Ben Folds Five album "Naked Baby Photos" and as a B-side of the single "Jackson Cannery". Eddie was also the inspiration for the Snuzz song "Eddie", as featured on his self-titled album, as well as on the Bus Stop album A Little Faster.

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