Gerd Dudek

nato il 23.9.1928 a Groß Döbbern, Polonia

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Gerd Dudek

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Gerd Dudek (born Gerhard Rochus Dudek, 28 September 1938) is a German jazz tenor saxophonist, soprano saxophonist, clarinetist and flautist.

Dudek studied clarinet privately and attended music school in the 1950s before joining a big band led by his brother Ossi until 1958. During the early 1960s, Dudek played in the Berliner Jazz Quintet, in Karl Blume's group and in Kurt Edelhagen's orchestra until 1965. He then became interested in free music and joined Manfred Schoof's quintet. Dudek took part in the first sessions of The Globe Unity Orchestra in 1966, and played with them at various time into the 1980s. He also worked with many other European free musicians and composers, including Alexander von Schlippenbach, Loek Dikker and The Waterland Ensemble And European Jazz Quintet.[1] He is best known for his work with Manfred Schoof, Wolfgang Dauner, Lala Kovacev, the Globe Unity Orchestra, Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Albert Mangelsdorff, Don Cherry and George Russell.[2]


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