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Magnus Sveningsson

nato il 4.4.1972 a Falköping, Götaland, Svezia

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Magnus Sveningsson

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Magnus Sveningsson (born Magnus Johan Sveningsson,[1] 4 April 1972, Falköping, Sweden) is best known as the bassist in the Swedish rock band, The Cardigans, and has also recorded under a solo project entitled Righteous Boy.

In 2006, he restarted The Cardigans' former record label, Trampolene. As an underlabel to Universal they signed the Swedish band, The Animal Five, who reached some popularity in both Sweden and Germany.

Sveningsson is currently working with different cover bands in Malmö, Sweden.


The Cardigans
Lars-Olof Johansson · Peter Svensson · Bengt Lagerberg · Nina Persson · Magnus Sveningsson
Studio albums: Emmerdale · Life · First Band on the Moon · Gran Turismo · Long Gone Before Daylight · Super Extra Gravity
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