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Yak Bondy

nato il 8.7.1962 a Germania

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Yak Bondy

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Yak Bondy (born 8 July 1962 as Jerk Bondy in Germany) was a producer of the 2004 success Free Me, the second album by former Spice Girl Emma Bunton. His writing credits also include that of Amy Studt,[1] Rachel Stevens,[2] S Club 8, S Club and the German winner of Pop Idol. He currently teaches Songwriting in all courses, and designs the songwriting course at Tech Music School in London.

Songs written or co-written by Yak Bondy

  • Amy Studt - "Just a Little Girl",[1] "Happy Now", "Nobody" and "Carry Me Away" - from the CD False Smiles (2003)
  • Amy Studt - "Kick Me" - from Just a Little Girl (2003)
  • Amy Studt - "Queen A" and "Put Your Faith In Me" - from Misfit (2003)
  • Emma Bunton - "Maybe"[3] and "Tomorrow" - from Free Me (2004)
  • Emma Bunton - "He Loves Me Not" - from Life in Mono (2006)[4]
  • Rachel Stevens - "Blue Afternoon"[2] - from Funky Dory (2003)
  • S Club 7 - "I Will Find You and Sunshine" - from Sunshine (2001)


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