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Joey Miskulin

nato il 6.1.1949

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Joey Miskulin

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[[Image:Riders [sic].jpg|thumb|right|Joey Miskulin performing as "Joey the Cowpolka King"]] Joseph M. Miskulin (born January 6, 1949) is a hall of fame accordionist and producer of Grammy Award-winning music albums. In a music career spanning more than four decades, Joey Miskulin has collaborated with a range of artists including Paul McCartney, John Denver, Ricky Skaggs, Andy Williams, Ricky Van Shelton, Emmylou Harris, Frankie Yankovic and many others. He is a performer, studio musician, producer and pedagogue.

Early life

As a child in Chicago, Miskulin displayed early signs of musical prodigy, spontaneously showing an interest in the accordion by the time he was four.[1] Beginning music training a year later, Joey was performing professionally by age eleven with the Ronnie Lee Band, and had his first recording produced by Roman Possedi at age twelve.[1] A year later, the boy would meet Frankie Yankovic, forming a personal and professional relationship with the man known as "America's Polka King" that would last a lifetime.

Performing career

Miskulin toured the United States with Yankovic as his featured accordionist[2] for six years, writing and arranging songs between performances.

In the 1990s he rejoined Riders In The Sky, and with them is billed as "Joey the Cowpolka King".

Further reading

Dolgan, Bob (2006). America's Polka King: The Real Story of Frankie Yankovic. Cleveland, OH: Gray & Company, Publishers. ISBN 978-1-59851-026-3


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