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John Johnson

nato il 21.1.1964 a Dudley, Gran Bretagna

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John Johnson (musician)

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John Johnson is a musician (trombone, percussions),[1] born 21 January 1964 in Dudley, Worcestershire, England.

Early life

He is the youngest of four children to parents who immigrated to England from Jamaica, an Island in the Caribbean sea in the 1950s. Growing up, he was surrounded by musical talent in his family. John has been classically trained on the trombone from the age of eight. His earliest performances were in brass ensembles, classical orchestras and brass bands.

At sixteen a chance meeting at the legendary Rum Runner Club in Birmingham saw John join his first funk band, Wide Receiver.


Upon leaving college with a distinction pass in business studies, John was encouraged by his parents to further his education at university. He however had other plans to gain firsthand experience of the business world and to play music after work.

During this time he burnt the midnight oil, playing to excess after work all over the country, from Scotland to Cornwall with various Midland-based bands.

John went on to become a well known face on the Birmingham music scene in the 1980s and 90s, cutting his teeth with well-known Midlands-based band The Soul Survivors for some 15 years.

His first international tour came in 1984, touring the Caribbean and Europe with Musical Youth.

As well as trombone, he has also more recently taken up playing percussion. John has worked or toured with artists such as Musical Youth, Steel Pulse, Bitty McLean, Simply Red, Tom Jones (singer), Will Young and Girls Aloud to name a few. He has also featured in guest bands with Grandmaster Flash, Wet Wet Wet and UB 40 tours.

John has been a bandmember of Simply Red since their Blue Album in 1998 and has recorded on every album since then. He appeared in the hit single videos "Ain't That A Lotta Love", "Your Perfect Love" and "Oh What A Girl" and also on the DVDs Home Live in Sicily and "Cuba!". John also recorded Mick Hucknall's Solo album Tribute to Bobby.

John is currently, after 35 years in music, working for the first time on his own material with American producerengineer Earl Cohen (Destiny's Child, Joe, Pink, Jessica Simson, Barry White, Tina Turner, Anita Baker).

He is of no relation to the serial rapist John Holland Johnson from Marietta County, GA.


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