George Masso

George Masso

nato il 17.11.1926 a Cranston, RI, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 22.10.2019

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George Masso

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George Masso (born November 17, 1926) is an American jazz trombonist, bandleader, vibraphonist, and composer specializing in swing and Dixieland. Masso is notable for his work from 1948–1950 as a member of the Jimmy Dorsey band.[1]

Finding the life of a professional jazz musician financially difficult, Masso quit performing following his work with Dorsey. He returned to music in 1973 and performed with Bobby Hackett and Benny Goodman. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he recorded with Barbara Lea, Bob Haggart, and Yank Lawson.

Select discography

  • Just for a Thrill (Sackville)
  • Let's Be Buddies with Dan Barrett (Arbors)
  • Trombone Artistry (Nagel-Heyer)
  • That Old Gang of Mine (Arbors)
  • At Long Last Love (Arbors)
  • The Wonderful World of George Gershwin (Nagel-Heyer)
  • No Frills Just Music (Famour Door)
  • George Masso All Stars: Wonderful World of G (Nagel-Heyer)
  • C'est Manifique! (Nagel-Heyer)

With Ken Peplowski

  • Just Friends (Nagel-Heyer)

With Spike Robinson

  • Play Arlen (Hep)

With Totti Bergh and Harry Allen

  • Night Birds (Gemini)

With Bob Haggart, Yank Lawson and Barbara Lea

  • You're the Cats! (Audiophile)
  • Sweet and Slow (Audiophile)

With George Shearing

  • George Shearing in Dixieland (Concord, 1989)


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