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The Product G&B

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The Product G&B was an R&B duo made up of Sincere (David McRae) and Money Harm (Marvin Moore-Hough). They were associated with Wyclef Jean's The Refugee Camp.

Since their debut in 1998, the duo lent their vocals to several tracks on Pras' Ghetto Superstar album, including the single "Blue Angels".

Wyclef Jean convinced Arista Records chief Clive Davis to release "Maria Maria", the duo's collaboration with Carlos Santana, which contributed to Santana's "Supernatural" album eventually selling over 30 million albumsworldwide. The song became a worldwide number one hit and 15 times platinum winning. Maria Maria was named the 14th most successful song on the Billboard-History Hot 100 "last decades" and the second most successful song of all-time in the Latin-Charts. In the year 2000 the song Maria Maria was Grammy awarded. The Product G&B also released the singles, "Cluck Cluck" (US- Dance-Charts No.13) and "Dirty Dancin" and 15 more songs.

In 2008, The Product G&B were featured on 50 Cent's "Tired of Being Broke". In 2009, The Product G&B were featured on Squala Orphan's song "U Don't Know" from the album Unheard Cries.

In 2011, Sincere along with rapper Mike Street formed the rock band Guitars N Bandanaz.

On May 31, 2013, the melodic duo started to capture the music-world again they released the record V.I.P. together with Kay One. The song V.I.P. hit the charts straight from 0 to top 4 in different European countries.



  • 2001: Ghetto & Blues


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