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Jacqueline Abbott

nata il 10.11.1973 a St. Helens / Lancashire, North West England, Gran Bretagna

Alias Jacqui Abbott

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Jacqui Abbott

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Jacqui Abbott (born Jacqueline Abbott, 10 November 1973, St Helens, Lancashire) was the female lead singer with the band The Beautiful South after 1994, following the departure of Briana Corrigan.

The band were arguably more successful with Abbott on board, releasing several Top 10 singles. Amongst their most successful hits during her stint were: "Rotterdam", "Perfect 10", "Don't Marry Her" and "Dream a Little Dream of Me" (cover). Abbott was discovered by Paul Heaton, the Beautiful South's other lead singer, after she and a friend met him outside a night club. Heaton invited them to a party, where Abbot's friend encouraged her to sing. Heaton was impressed with her singing, and later invited her to audition to replace Corrigan.[1]

She left the band in 2000,[2][3] because of the pressure of touring, to concentrate on looking after her son, who had just been diagnosed with autism.[1]

Jacqui Abbott reunited with Paul Heaton in June 2011 to perform in his musical The 8th.[4]

Abbott collaborated with V.G. Varun on the song "Stars We Hold" (credited as Jacqui) on the album blu light notes.


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