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Johnny McElhone

nato il 21.4.1963 a Glasgow, Scotland, Gran Bretagna

Alias J. McElhone
John Francis McElhone
Johnny Mac

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Johnny McElhone

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John Francis "Johnny" McElhone (born 21 April 1963, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish guitarist and songwriter.

Unusually, he has played with three, otherwise unconnected rock bands, who have all enjoyed a Top 20 presence in the UK Singles Chart; these are Altered Images, Hipsway and Texas. Indeed, two of those groups (Altered Images and Texas) have repeated that feat in the UK Albums Chart. In addition, McElhone (who founded the band) contributed the musical part of co-writing the bulk of Texas's material.

He is the son of Scottish Labour Party politicians Frank and Helen McElhone. His own son, child actor Jack McElhone, co-starred with Gerard Butler and Emily Mortimer in the 2004 film, Dear Frankie, winning several film festival awards.


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