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City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech: Filharmonici msta Prahy) is a classical orchestra, predominantly composed of Czech and Slovak classical and jazz musicians.


The history of the orchestra goes back to the Film Symphony Orchestra (FISYO), which was founded shortly after World War II, in 1947. After separating and fully privatized it initially performed under the name Czech Symphony Orchestra, but had problems with unauthorized use of the name by other Czech ensembles for themselves. Finally music producer James Fitzpatrick came up with its current name in 1992, after the Velvet Revolution.

Under the leadership of German conductor Friedemann Riehle since 1995 the Orchestra quickly developed into one of the leading orchestras for CD-recording in Europe. The orchestra plays about 200 recording sessions every year. The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra works with labels such as Decca, EMI, Sony BMG and many international film studios. Soloists like Jonas Kaufmann and Sol Gabetta have recorded CDs with the orchestra. Also the orchestra recorded many international Movie Scores. Recordings have been made for film production companies such as Paramount, Sony, Lucasfilm and many others in the Smecky Music Studios. David Lynch returned again in 1997 to record his Lost Highway, and yet again in 2001 to record Mulholland Drive.

Fully privatized after the Velvet Revolution, today, the musicians and supporting professionals continue to play and record music together (usually every day of the week) for major international films, television series, CDs/DVDs, video games, and even ring tones - both for the Czech Republic market and for clients & media productions around the world.

The New Years Concerts of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Friedemann Riehle are a highlight of the Prague music scene. Also the Prague philharmonic orchestra has taken part in Marcos Witt's CD "Sinfonía del alma" in 2007.

In Dubai's New Year's Eve celebrations to mark the beginning of 2013, the Orchestra performed live in time to the city's fireworks display.[1]

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