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I Don't Like Mondays

Boomtown Rats

I Don't Like Mondays


Interprètes The Boomtown Rats
Bob Geldof (vocals)
Garry Roberts (guitar)
Gerry Cott (guitar)
Johnnie Fingers (keyboard)
Pete Briquette (bass)
Simon Crowe (drums)

Auteurs Bob Geldof

Date d'enregistrement 1979


Loudmouth. The Best Of

The Boomtown Rats, Bob Geldof

Loudmouth. The Best Of

Label Vertigo Records / 522 283-2

Année de production 1994

2. This is the world calling
3. Rat trap
4. The great song of indifference
5. Love or something
6. Banana republic
7. Crazy
8. The elephants graveyard
9. Someone's looking at you
10. She's so modern
11. House on fire
12. The beat of the night
13. Diamond smiles
14. Like clockwork
15. Room 19 (Sha la la la lee)
16. Mary of the 4th form
17. Looking after number one