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Heaven Help

Lenny Kravitz

no cover present


Interprètes Lenny Kravitz (acoustic guitar, background voice, vocals)
Henry Hirsch (Strings, piano, bass)
Dave Domanich (drums, electric guitar)
Gerry Deveaux (background voice)
Angie Stone (background voice)

Auteurs Gerry Deveaux Terry Britten

Date d'enregistrement 1992 - 1993


Are You Gonna Go My Way

Lenny Kravitz

no cover present

Label Offside Records / 0777 7 86984 2 5

Année de production 1993

1. Are you gonna go my way   
2. Believe   
3. Come on and love me   
5. Just be a woman   
6. Is there any love in your heart   
7. Black girl   
8. My love   
9. Sugar   
10. Sister   
11. Eleutheria