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Private Emotion

Ricky Martin & Meja

Private Emotion


Interprètes Ricky Martin (vocals)
Meja (vocals)

Auteurs Eric Bazilian Rob Hyman

Date d'enregistrement ca 1999


Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, Madonna

Ricky Martin

Label Sony, Columbia / 494 406 2

Année de production 1999

1. Livin' la vida loca
2. Spanish Eyes
3. She's all I ever had
4. Shake your Bon-Bon
5. Be careful (cuidado con mi corazón)
6. Love you for a day
8. I'm on my way
9. I am made of you
10. La diosa del carnaval (Spanish eyes)
11. You stay with me
12. Livin' la vida loca (Spanish version)
13. Bella (She's all I ever had)
14. I count the minutes