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All For Love

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting

All For Love


Interprètes Bryan Adams (vocals)
Rod Stewart (vocals)
Sting (vocals)

Auteurs Bryan Adams Michael Kamen Robert John "Mutt" Lange

Date d'enregistrement ca 1993


The Three Musketeers

Bryan Adams, Greater Los Angeles All Star Orchestra

The Three Musketeers

Label A&M Records / 540 190-2

Année de production 1993

The three musketeers (1993) (Film)
2. The cavern of Cardinal Richelieu
3. D'Artagnan
4. Athos, Porthos and Aramis
5. Sword fight
6. 1. King Louis XIII, Queen Anne and Constance 2. Lady in waiting
7. The Cardinal's coach
8. Cannonballs. Rigaudon
9. M' Lady DeWinter (Lament)
10. The fourth musketeer (Concerts Royaux)