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Waiting For You

John Lyons

Waiting For You


Interprètes John Lyons
- John Lyons (vocals, guitar)
- Gabriel Spahni (bass)
- Matthew Savnik (organ)
- Simon Britschgi (drums)

Auteurs John Lyons Gabriel Spahni

Date d'enregistrement ca 2013


Sing Me Another Song

John Lyons, John Lyons

Sing Me Another Song

Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Année de production 2013

1. Another Wave   
2. She'll Tell You No Lies   
5. Sing Me Another Song   
6. Beautiful   
7. Helengeli   
8. Under The Stars   
9. Dear James   
10. The Blues Moved In   
11. Blink Of An Eye   
12. Bluestar Highway   
13. Way Down In The Hole