Toby Gad

Date de naissance 1968 à München, Bayern, Allemagne

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Toby Gad

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Toby Gad

Tobias "Toby" Gad is a Los Angeles-based hit producer and songwriter from Germany, perhaps best known for co-writing Fergie's Grammy nominated hit song "Big Girls Don't Cry"[1] as well as co-writing and producing Beyoncé's worldwide #1 hit "If I Were a Boy", and The Veronicas multi-platinum #1 "Untouched". He has worked with many super stars including Beyoncé (3x platinum), One Direction (2x platinum), Alicia Keys (platinum), Brandy (Billboard Top 20), John Legend (certified Gold), Demi Lovato (platinum single), Jessie J (4x platinum UK), Natasha Bedingfield (Billboard #3 & Gold), Pat Monahan, Fergie (nearly 4x platinum), American Idol Finalists Kelly Clarkson (platinum), Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze and Jessica Sanchez, Miley Cyrus (4x platinum), Selena Gomez (platinum), Donna Summer, The Veronicas (platinum), Koda Kumi; and has released over 200 records on major labels as a songwriter and/or producer.

Toby is the brother of Jens Gad, who has produced such successful German acts as Enigma and Sandra.


Childhood and early musical experience

Born into a musical family in Munich Germany in 1968, Toby was influenced by both parents who were established figures in the Munich music scene with their group, The Jazz Kids.[1] His Danish father is a clarinet player and a pilot. His German mother is a psychotherapist and composer/pianist who tours the UK and Europe with Brian Carrick's jazz band, the Algiers Stompers.

At age four, Toby was expected to study banjo and join the "Jazz Kids" but he took to playing the piano instead. By the time he was seven, he and his brother Jens had formed their own band, the Gad Rollers, and played original rock'n roll compositions during intermissions of their parents' gigs. The newly found recognition around town led to performances in various radio and TV shows. Before long, Toby and Jens scored their first recording deal with hit-producer Gunther Mende, the writer of the Celine Dion hit "The Power of Love", however the deal was turned down by their parents, who felt education was more important.

Early career successes

Though too young to get into most clubs at age 13, Toby and Jens were no strangers to the live music scene in Munich. Weekly gigs in bars, concerts in open-air summer festivals and shows in legendary live clubs such as the "Domicile" spread the word, and Munich hit producer Tony Monn showed interest in the brothers. Tony handed over his state-of-the-art recording studio to Toby and Jens whenever he was out of town. The young men were able to spend endless days and nights in a state-of-the-art studio writing, arranging and recording their first three record releases.

In 1986, when Frank Farian, Germanys most successful producer (No Mercy, Boney M, Milli Vanilli,...) was looking for new talent, a mutual friend turned him on to the Gad brothers material. The next day the boys flew to Frankfurt and thus started a seven-year collaboration with Frank. One week later they found three of their songs on Milli Vanilli's debut album, which later went multi-platinum.[1]

Farian recognized the young mens potential as artists and produced Toby and Jens first album Q, which was followed by a live tour. Funk legend George Clinton liked the record so much that he spent a full day jamming with the brothers and later invited Toby and Jens to perform two songs on stage with his P-funk band.[1]

Commercial breakthrough

In 1990, Toby met Mauritian singer Jacqueline Nemorin. This became the beginning of a 10-year collaboration between the two. Together with Farian, Toby produced Nemorins first album The Creole Dance on BMG.[1]

In 1994, Toby signed on with manager Klaus Frers (Daydream Music Supervizing) and produced Nemorins second album for EMI Europe. It was also Klaus who moved the duo into music production for dozens of successful TV shows, commercials and movie soundtracks. Toby and Jacqueline wrote and produced the title-song for the movie Neverending Story III, the music for two popular daily TV talk-shows that stayed on air for four years, and the single "The Magic of the Fall", which went on to win the BDA Gold Award in L.A. for best TV trailer concept.

In 1998, Toby was hired by the Spanish producer Rafael Perez to work on Enrique Iglesias third album. That same year Toby signed a deal with Joost Van Os, former head of Polygram[1]

Move to New York City

Following much success in his home country, Gad relocated to New York, opening Strawberrybee studio in Midtown Manhattan.[1]

The album title song and hit single "Unspoken" of Christian Platinum artist Jaci Velasquez, written by Toby, Madeline Stone and O.Hatch, managed to stay half a year in the Christian Billboard top 20 single charts and was re-released on the Billboard #2 album WOW Greatest Hits 2004.

Meanwhile Toby had substantial hits back overseas. Damn I Think I Love You stayed at #1 for seven weeks and became the most sold single 2001 in the Netherlands. The #1 StarMaker album with two of Toby's songs went triple platinum. Sitas debut single Happy" was at #1 for two weeks and remained in the top five for two months. The song was also released in the US on the Wild Thornberries soundtrack, followed by the #1 album of Sita.

Success in America

After a period of time running from door to door at record labels, publishing companies, music law firms and managements, Toby was given the chance to work with MTV host Willa Ford. Their single "A Toast to Men" became a #40 radio single, appearing in the hit movie Barbershop 2.[2]

The collaboration with David and William Derella from the DAS management team resulted in a significant co-publishing deal with Cherrylane Music Publishing and record deals for several of Toby's artists.

In August 2005, Interscope Records released Texan teen sensation Kaci Brown's album Instigator, entirely developed, produced and co-written by Toby. R&B group Fatty Koo has an album on Columbia Records on which every song is produced and co-written by Toby. He produced and co-wrote songs on the album of the Australian twins The Veronicas, who scored the biggest US newcomer record deal of the year on Warner Bros. Records / Sire records and went double platinum in Australia. Columbia records also signed Toby's protege Meleni. Their song "Happy" can be found in the Will Smith hit movie Hitch. Meleni and Toby co-wrote the song "Drop it on me" on Ricky Martin's 2005 album Life. Another artist that Toby developed for years, Lola, released her single "No Strings" on Warner Bros. Records / Sobe which spent 4 months on the Billboard Dance charts, peaking at #2.

In 2006, Toby opened a second studio with five interns, expanding his production company "Strawberrybee Music" and his publishing company "Gad Songs". Toby produced the entire Blue Note records album of Elizabeth Withers, who starred in Broadway musical The Color Purple, and contributed a song on Fergie's platinum selling album The Dutchess. He also collaborated with then 13 year old Emmy nominated actress/singer Keke Palmer on her 2007 debut album on Atlantic Records and produced a song for the second season of hit Disney sitcom Hannah Montana.

In 2008, Toby's and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" was Grammy nominated for best female vocal performance and won ASCAP Song Of The Year. The song twice broke the record for most airplay on US radio and spent a total of 21 weeks in various Billboard US charts at #1, including one week #1 in the Hot 100. Over 87 worldwide compilation albums feature the song. The recognition of this song led to further collaborations with stars such as Alexz Johnson, Beyoncé, Brandy (writing and producing three songs for her 2008 album Human, including the title track); Donna Summer (three songs on her 2008 album Crayons); Natasha Bedingfield (two songs, "Happy" and "Freckles"), Ashley Tisdale (two songs, "Delete You" and "Me Without You"), Hannah Montana (two songs season 3), Esmee Denters, Nick Carter Backstreet Boys, Keke Palmer (on the Nickelodeon show True Jackson, VP theme song)Jada upcoming album UniversalMotown .

Toby scored his second worldwide #1 hit with Beyoncé's "If I Were a Boy," which Toby produced and co-wrote. "If I Were A Boy" reached #1 in 9 countries and hit top10 in over 20 countries around the world. Toby's third platinum number one hit was the indie-electro pop anthem "Untouched" by Aussie duo The Veronicas. The song sold platinum in the US and reached #1 in Ireland and Mexico.

Move to Los Angeles

In summer 2009 Toby relocated his recording studio to Los Angeles. The new studio, located in the Hollywood Hills, features several music production rooms and a video editing room.

In Los Angeles, Toby continued collaborating with stars such as American Idol finalists Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Jessica Sanchez

In 2009 Toby also launched his own record label, Kite Records, which is a collaboration between Toby, David Sonenberg/DAS Management, and Island Def Jam Music Group as well as Gad Films which features exclusive behind the scenes footage of Toby working in the studio with stars such as Miley Cyrus and The Veronicas.


Toby has written several articles and given numerous talks and demonstrations about his recording and production techniques, as well as his approach to succeeding in the music industry.

  • "From Neve to Native" in Recording - The Magazine for the Recording Musician
  • "Logic Used Native - How I Work It" in Recording - The Magazine for the Recording Musician
  • "Logic Longhaul" in Mix Magazine
  • "Starting Over in USA"
  • "The Journey"


Year Artist Album/Singles US & UK Album Charts US & UK Single Charts Single & Album Certifactions
1988 Fancy Contact
  • "I Don't Want To Go"
  • "Girl Don't Let Me Down"
Milli Vanilli All or Nothing
  • "Can't You Feel My Love?"
  • "Boy In The Tree"
  • "Is It Love"
1989 Q Q-NRG
  • "Rainy"
1991 Los Reyes "Tarot - Single"
1992 Nemorin "The Creole Dance - Single"
1995 Nemorin Neverending Story III
  • "Mission of Love"
  • "Dream On"
The Magic of the Fall
  • "Mission of Love"
  • "Angelina"
1999 Scatman John Take Your Time
  • "The Chicadee Song"
Bellissima "Ohh La La - Single"
Enrique Iglesias Cosas del Amor
  • "Cosas Del Amor"
  • "Para De Jagar"
  • "Ruletta Russia"
  • #1 US Billboard Top Latin Albums
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
2000 AOC "Maybe You're Right - Single"
2001 Starmaker Bulletproof
  • Damn I Think I Love You
  • Rebel Child
  • NLD : 3X Platinum (Album)
2002 Sita Wild Thornberries
  • Happy
2004 Willa Ford Sexysexobsessive
  • "A Toast to Men"
  • #11 US Hot Dance Singles Sales
Sandy Mölling "Unexpected"
  • "One In A Million"
  • #12 US Bubbling Under Hot 100
2005 Lola Take it Like I Give It
  • "No Strings"
  • #2 US Hot Dance Club Songs
Jaci Velasquez Unspoken
  • "Unspoken"
  • #55 US Billboard 200
Ricky Martin Life
  • "Drop It On Me"
  • #6 US Billboard 200
  • #40 UK Album Chart
  • #20 US Bubbling Under Hot 100
  • WW : Gold (Album)
Nicole Wray Lovechild
  • "Child of the King"
  • "Say My Name"
  • "Where I'm From"
  • "You Ain't S*** to Me"
The Veronicas The Secret Life Of...
  • "Secret"
  • "Mouth Shut"
  • "Speechless"
  • #3 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
  • AUS : 4x Platinum (Album)
2006 Jane Zhang Jane.Love EP
  • "To Be Loved"
  • "Counterclockwise"
  • CHI : 5x Platinum (Album)
Meleni Smith Meet Me In the Bathroom
  • "Meet Me In The Bathroom"
  • "Happy"
Kaci Brown Instigator
  • "Instigator"
  • "Unbelievable"
  • #9 US Hot Dance Club Songs - "Instigator"
  • #27 US Hot Dance Club Songs - "Unbelievable"
Elisabeth Withers "It Could Happen to Anyone" - Single
Fergie The Dutchess
  • "Big Girls Don't Cry"
  • #2 US Billboard 200
  • #18 UK Album Chart
  • #1 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #2 UK Singles Chart
  • #1 more than 10 Countries Worldwide
  • WW : 4x Platinum (Singles)
  • WW : 8x Platinum (Album)
2007 Keke Palmer DisneyMania 5
  • "True to Your Heart"
  • #14 US Billboard 200
So Uncool
  • "Bottoms Up"
  • "Rainbow"
  • "Skin Deep"
  • "Wake Up Call"
  • #28 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
The Veronicas Hook Me Up
  • "Untouched"
  • "This Is How It Feels"
  • "Take Me on the Floor"
  • "Revenge Is Sweeter {Than You Ever Were}"
  • "All I Have"
  • "In Another Life"
  • "This Love"
  • #1 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
  • #35 UK Album Chart


  • #17 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #35 UK Singles Chart

"Take Me on the Floor"

  • #81 US Billboard Hot 100


  • WW : Platinum (Singles)
Hannah Montana Original Soundtrack
  • "Rockstar"
  • "One In A Million"
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #8 UK Compilations Chart


  • #80 US Billboard Hot 100
  • WW : 5x Platinum (Album)
2008 Donna Summer Crayons
  • "Fame (The Game)"
  • "Sand On My Feet"
  • "Science of Love"
  • #17 US Billboard 200
  • #142 UK Album Chart

"Fame (The Game)"

  • #2 US Hot Dance Club Songs
Beyoncé I Am... Sasha Fierce
  • "If I Were a Boy"
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #2 UK Album Chart
  • #3 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #1 UK Singles Chart
  • #1 more than 9 Countries Worldwide
  • WW : 3x Platinum (Singles)
  • WW : 7x Platinum (Album)
Natasha Bedingfield Pocket Full of Sunshine
  • "Freckles"
  • "Happy"
  • #3 US Billboard 200
  • #9 UK Album Chart
  • US : Gold (Album)
Brandy Human
  • "Gonna Find My Love"
  • "Human"
  • #15 US Billboard 200
Camp Rock Camp Rock soundtrack
  • "Too Cool"
  • "Hasta La Vista"
  • #3 US Billboard Hot 200
  • VW : Platinum (Album)
Keke Palmer True Jackson, VP
  • "True Jackson, VP (Theme Song)"
2009 Ashley Tisdale Guilty Pleasure
  • "Me Without You"
  • "Delete You"
  • #12 US Billboard 200
  • #130 UK Album Chart
Sandra Back To Life
  • "R U Feeling Me"
  • "Once in a Lifetime"
  • "In a Heartbeat"
  • "The Night Is Still Young"
  • "Just Like Breathing"
  • "Always on my Mind"
  • "What If"
  • "These Moments"
  • "I Want You"
  • "Who I Am"
Jordin Sparks Battlefield
  • "Let It Rain"
  • "Emergency (911)"
  • "Faith"
  • "Vertigo"
  • "Papercut"
  • #7 US Billboard 200
  • #11 UK Album Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
Demi Lovato Here We Go Again
  • "Everything You're Not"
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #199 UK Album Chart
  • WW : 2x Platinum (Album)
Hannah Montana Hannah Montana 3
  • "Just a Girl"
  • #2 US Billboard 200
  • #5 UK Compilations Chart
  • WW : 3x Platinum (Album)
Pixie Lott Turn It Up
  • "Band Aid"
  • "Nothing Compares"
  • #6 UK Album Chart
  • UK : 2x Platinum (Album)
Jessie James Jessie James
  • "Inevitable"
  • #23 US Billboard 200
Esmee Denters Outta Here
  • "Admit It"
  • #48 UK Album Chart
Jessica Jarrell Armageddon Single
  • "Armageddon"
Allison Iraheta Just Like You
  • "Scars"
  • #35 US Billboard 200
Selena Gomez & the Scene Kiss & Tell
  • "I Don't Miss You At All"
  • #9 US Billboard 200
  • #12 UK Album Chart
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
Kris Allen Kris Allen
  • "The Truth"
  • "From The Ashes"
  • "I Need To Know"
  • #11 US Billboard 200
Alicia Keys The Element of Freedom
  • "Love Is My Disease"
  • #2 US Billboard 200
  • #1 UK Album Chart
  • WW : 4X Platinum (Album)
Robin Thicke Sex Therapy
  • "Mona Lisa"
  • #9 US Billboard 200
  • #8 UK R&B Album Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
  • "Touched"
  • #3 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
2010 Monrose Ladylike
  • "Catwalk V-O-G-U-E"
Lee DeWyze Live It Up
  • "Live It Up"
  • "Dear Isabelle"
  • "Brooklyn Bridge"
  • "Earth Stood Still"
  • #19 US Billboard 200
  • #122 UK Album Chart
Selena Gomez & the Scene A Year Without Rain
  • "A Year Without Rain"
  • "Intuition"
  • #4 US Billboard 200
  • #14 UK Album Chart

A Year Without Rain

  • #35 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #78 UK Singles Chart
  • #1 US Hot Dance Club Songs
  • US : 2x Platinum (Singles)
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
Pixie Lott Turn It Up Louder
  • "Broken Arrow"
  • #6 UK Album Chart
  • #12 UK Singles Chart
  • UK : 2x Platinum (Album)
Emily Osment Fight or Flight
  • "Lets Be Friends"
  • #2 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
  • #31 US Hot Dance Club Songs
Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Forever
  • "Ordinary Girl"
  • "Que Sera"
  • #11 US Billboard 200
  • #38 UK Album Chart

Ordinary Girl

  • #91 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #93 UK Singles Chart
Drake Bell 3rd Record
  • "Nevermind"
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam soundtrack
  • "It's On"
  • "Tear It Down"
  • #3 US Billboard 200
  • #22 UK Soundtrack Albums Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
JLS Outta This World
  • "Love You More"
  • #2 UK Album Chart
  • #1 UK Singles Chart
  • UK : 2x Platinum (Album)
Tarja What Lies Beneath
  • "I Feel Immortal"
  • #24 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
  • #11 UK Rock Album Chart
Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back
  • "Stuttering"
  • #17 US Billboard 200
Nadine Coyle Insatiable
  • "My Sexy Love Affair"
  • "You are the One"
  • #47 UK Album Chart
Alesha The Entertainer
  • "Cool with Me"
  • #84 UK Album Chart
2011 Nicole Scherzinger Killer Love
  • "Don't Hold Your Breath"
  • #8 UK Album Chart
  • #85 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #1 UK Singles Chart
  • #2 US Hot Dance Club Songs
  • WW : Gold (Singles)
  • UK : Gold (Album)
Selena Gomez & the Scene When the Sun Goes Down
  • "Bang Bang Bang"
  • "We Own the Night"
  • #3 US Billboard 200
  • #15 UK Album Chart
  • #94 US Billboard Hot 100
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
James Morrison The Awakening
  • "Up"
  • "Slave to the Music"
  • "One Life"
  • #49 US Billboard 200
  • #1 UK Album Chart


  • #30 UK Singles Chart

One Life

  • #159 UK Singles Chart
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
Jessie J Who You Are
  • "Who You Are"
  • "L.O.V.E."
  • #11 US Billboard 200
  • #2 UK Album Chart

Who You Are

  • #12 US Bubbling Under Hot 100
  • #8 UK Singles Chart
  • UK : Silver (Singles)
  • WW : 2x Platinum (Album)
Ashley Tisdale Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
  • "Gonna Shine"
Colbie Caillat All of You
  • "I Do"
  • "Think Good Thoughts"
  • "What Means the Most"
  • #6 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #23 US Billboard 200
  • US : Gold (Singles)
  • WW : Gold (Album)
Demi Lovato Unbroken
  • "Skyscraper"
  • "My Love is Like a Star"
  • "For the Love of a Daughter"
  • #4 US Billboard 200
  • #45 UK Album Chart


  • #10 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #7 UK Singles Chart
  • US : Platinum (Singles)
  • WW : Platinum (Album)
Kelly Clarkson Stronger
  • "The War Is Over"
  • "Einstein"
  • #2 US Billboard 200
  • #5 UK Album Chart
  • WW : 2x Platinum (Album)
Cher Lloyd Sticks + Stones
  • "Dub on the Track"
  • #9 US Billboard 200
  • #4 UK Album Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
One Direction Up All Night
  • "Taken"
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #2 UK Album Chart
  • WW : 4x Platinum (Album)
Pixie Lott Young Foolish Happy
  • "Dancing on My Own"
  • "Love You to Death"
  • #18 UK Album Chart
  • UK : Gold (Album)
Big Time Rush (band) Elevate
  • "Cover Girl"
  • #12 US Billboard 200
Dia Frampton Red
  • "Daniel"
  • #1 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
2012 Colbie Caillat Christmas In The Sand
  • "Happy Christmas"
  • #41 US Billboard 200
Koda Kumi Japonesque
  • "V.I.P"
  • "Boom Boom Boys"
  • JPN : Gold (Album)
Paloma Faith Fall to Grace
  • "Blood Sweat & Tears"
  • #2 US Billboard Top Heatseekers
  • #2 UK Album Chart
  • UK : 2x Platinum (Album)
Carly Rae Jepsen Kiss
  • "Beautiful (feat. Justin Bieber)"
  • "Your Heart Is a Muscle"
  • #6 US Billboard 200
  • #9 UK Album Chart

Beautiful (feat. Justin Bieber)

  • #87 US Billboard Hot 100
  • #68 UK Singles Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
One Direction Take Me Home
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #1 UK Album Chart
  • WW : 4x Platinum (Album)
JLS Evolution
  • "Reload"
  • #3 UK Album Chart
Casey Abrams Casey Abrams
  • "Simple Life"
  • #101 US Billboard 200
Kris Allen Thank You Camellia
  • "Blindfolded"
  • #26 US Billboard 200
Tulisa Contostavlos The Female Boss
  • "Kill Me Tonight"
  • "Steal My Breath Away"
  • #35 UK Album Chart
Bridgit Mendler Hello My Name Is...
  • "Postcard"
  • #30 US Billboard 200
  • #107 UK Album Chart
Victoria Justice Girl Up
  • "Girl Up"
Mandy Capristo Grace
  • "Side Effects"
Robin Stjernberg My Versions
  • "Who You Are"
2013 Marco Mengoni #prontoacorrere
  • "Non passerai"
Koda Kumi Summer Trip
  • "Summer Trip"
John Legend Love in the Future
  • "All of Me"
  • #4 US Billboard 200
  • #28 UK Album Chart
  • #2 US Billboard Hot 100
Jessica Sanchez Me, You & the Music
  • "No One Compares (feat. Prince Royce)"
  • "In Your Hands"
  • "Drive By"
  • "Gentleman"
  • #26 US Billboard 200
Selena Gomez Stars Dance
  • "Nobody Does it Like You"
  • #1 US Billboard 200
  • #14 UK Album Chart
  • WW : Gold (Album)
Cody Simpson Surfer's Paradise
  • "Summertime Of Our Lives"
  • #10 US Billboard 200
2014 Hilary Duff TBA
  • "TBA"


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