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Clarence Öfwerman

Clarence Öfwerman - © Ilya Volkov aka Kreecher

Date de naissance 22.11.1957

Malheureusement nous ne disposons pas encore d'une biographie en langue française.

Clarence Öfwerman

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Clarence Öfwerman, born 22 November 1957, is best known as the longtime producer of Roxette,[1] having been with the band from their debut album Pearls of Passion in 1986 through to 2012's Travelling, Roxette's latest studio album. He is the big brother of Roxette percussionist, keyboardist and vocalist Staffan Öfwerman. Öfwerman also joins Per Gessle[2] and Roxette[3] as a live musician on various tours, most recently during the 2009 Night of the Proms series in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.[1] and a mini European tour in 2010. He will join Roxette for their first world tour in 16 years in 2011.


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