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Arbors Records

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Arbors Records
Founded 1989
Founder(s) Mat Domber, Rachel Domber
Distributing label Arbors Records (In the US)
Genre(s) Jazz
Country of origin US
Official Website Official website of Arbors Records

Arbors Records is an independent American jazz record label based in Clearwater, Florida. It was founded by the family team of Mat and Rachel Domber in 1989, initially devoted to the recordings of their friend Rick Fay.[1]

The label's first release was titled Rick Fay's Hot Five: Live at Lone Pine, and the company's musical director is trombonist Dan Barrett.

A smaller, independent label, Arbors Records also produces the yearly March of Jazz weekends in Florida held every March in commemoration of selected musicians. The initial focus at the label was on dixieland music, but has since embraced various other sub-genres of the jazz medium.

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