Gunter Hampel

Date de naissance 31.8.1937 à Göttingen, Niedersachsen, Allemagne

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Gunter Hampel

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Gunter Hampel

Gunter Hampel (born 31 August 1937) is a German jazz vibraphonist, clarinettist, saxophonist, flautist, pianist and composer born in Göttingen, Germany, perhaps best known for his album "The 8th of July 1969" that included fellow musicians Anthony Braxton, Willem Breuker and Jeanne Lee. Jeanne, now deceased, was Gunter's wife.

Hampel became dedicated to free-jazz in the 1960s, developing his own record label (Birth Records), and worked with a variety of artists over the years, including John McLaughlin, Laurie Allan, Udo Lindenberg, Pierre Courbois and Perry Robinson. In the 1970s he also formed the "Galaxy Dream Band".


  • 1964: Heartplants (MPS Records, with Manfred Schoof, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Buschi Niebergall, Pierre Courbois)
  • 1969: The 8th of July
  • 1971: Out Of New York - The Music Of Gunter Hampel (MPS Records 2120 900-8, BASF 2120 900-8)
  • 1978: Reeds 'n Vibes (Improvising Artists Records, with Marion Brown)
  • 1978: Flying Carpet (Kharma Records)
  • 1985: Fresh heat - The Gunter Hampel New York Orchestra

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