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Wonderful Little Moments

M. G. Grace

Wonderful Little Moments


Performers MG Grace (vocals)
Mexx Wuhrmann (guitar)
Chrigel Steiner (piano)
Markus Stephani (bass)
Pädu Ziswiler (drums)

Composers MG Grace Martin Theiler Köchli

Date of recording at about 2008


M.G. Grace

MG Grace

M.G. Grace

Record Label K-tel International (dist.) / MG18021969

Year of production 2008

2. Heartache Tonight
3. Midnite Moon
4. Where Did You Go
5. I'll Be Always On Your Mind
6. Something 'Bout You Baby I Like
7. I Can Go For Lovin' You
8. If Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Steamy Windows
11. Just When I Needed You Most
12. Let Me Love You