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Living In Between

Mina & Pal Angelskar

Living In Between


Performers MiNa
- Jaël Krebs (vocals)
- Luk Zimmermann (guitar)
Pål Angelskår (vocals)

Composers Luk Zimmermann Rahel Krebs Pål Angelskår Jaël Krebs

Date of recording at about 2007


Playground Princess

MiNa, Pål Angelskår, Mina

Playground Princess

Record Label Sony BMG Schweiz / 88697139872

Year of production 2007

1. Sorted Out
4. Man From The Past
5. Praying Mantis
6. Sleeping On A Butterfly
7. Enjoy The Rain
8. I'll Be Yours = I' ll be yours
10. At The Start Of It
11. Lying B-Side U = Lying b-side = Lying b-side u