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True Love

Glenn Frey

True Love


Performers Glenn Frey (vocals)

Composers Glenn Frey Jack Tempchin

Date of recording 1986


Solo Collection

Glenn Frey, Jay Oliver

Solo Collection

Record Label MCA / MCD 11227

Year of production 1995

1. This way to happiness   
2. Who's been sleepin' in my bed   
3. Common ground   
South Of Sunset (Film)
4. Call on me   
5. The one you love   
6. Sexy girl   
Miami Vice (Film)
7. Smuggler's blues   
Beverly Hills Cop (Film)
Miami Vice (Film)
11. Soul searchin'   
Thelma and Louise (1991) (Film)
14. River of dreams   
15. Rising sun   
16. Brave new world