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Wardrobe Lady

James T. Admiral

Wardrobe Lady


Performers Admiral James T. (vocals, multi-instrumentalist)
Heini Fümm (Trombone)
Andy Gloor (Trombone)
Valentin Rabitsch (trumpet)
Jochen Baldes (saxophone)
Roman Weissert (saxophone)
Silvan Kiser (trumpet)

Composers Admiral James T.

Date of recording at about 2004


Bring Me The Head Of Gordon Sumner

Admiral James T.

Bring Me The Head Of Gordon Sumner

Record Label 808 Records / 808-009

Year of production 2004

1. Catch you Carol
2. It's Alright
4. So come on
5. Soulsinger
7. Truth
8. In My Car
9. Knockin' On My Door
10. Roll With Me
11. Substitute For Noone
12. Dawning Of The Master
13. Devil In Every Pore
14. Son Of A Bitch
15. I Take A Ride
16. Final Warning
17. Beneath
18. Free Your Mind