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Don't Look Back (You've Gotta Walk)

Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger

Don't Look Back (You've Gotta Walk)


Performers Peter Tosh (acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals, guitar)
Robbie Shakespeare (Elektrischer Bass, guitar)
Lowell "Sly" Dunbar (drums)
Mao Chung (synthesizer, e-piano, guitar)
Robert Lyn (piano, organ)
Keith Sterling (keyboard)
Luther François (soprano sax)
Donald Kinsey (guitar)
Larry McDonald (percussion)
Sticky (percussion)
Mick Jagger (vocals)

Composers William Robinson Ronald White Robbie Shakespeare Peter Tosh Word Sound And Power

Date of recording at about 1978


Bush Doctor

Peter Tosh

Bush Doctor

Record Label EMI / CDP 7 91085 2

Year of production 1988

2. Pick myself up
3. I'm the toughest
4. Soon come
5. Moses the prophet
6. Bush doctor
7. Stand firm
8. Dem ha fe get a beatin'
9. Creation