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Robin Gibb



Performers Robin Hugh Gibb (vocals)
Dennis Byron (percussion, background voice, drums)
Maurice Gibb (piano, electric guitar, Elektrischer Bass)
George Bitzer (synthesizer, piano)
Alan Kendall (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
Boneroo Horn

Composers Robin Hugh Gibb Maurice Gibb Peter Graves

Date of recording at about 1983


Hits Of The World 1982-1983


Hits Of The World 1982-1983

Record Label Polyphon / 845 499-2

Year of production 1989

1. One of us - Abba
3. It's my party - David Allan Stewart
4. Der Kommissar (Rap' that) - Falco
5. Maneater - Hall & Oates
6. State of independence - Donna Summer
Rocky III (Das Auge des Tigers) (Film)
7. Eye of the tiger - Survivor
Chariots of Fire (Film)
8. Chariots of fire - Vangelis
9. Sunshine Reggae - Laid Back
10. Dolce vita - Ryan Paris   
13. Vamos a la playa - Righeira
15. Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band
16. You can't hurry love - Phil Collins