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High On Emotion

Chris De Burgh

High On Emotion


Performers Chris de Burgh (vocals, guitar)
Chris De Burgh's Concert Band
Glenn Morrow (keyboard)
Ian Kojima (synthesizer, saxophone, guitar)
Al Marine (Elektrischer Bass)
Danny McBride (electric guitar)
Jeff Phillips (percussion, drums)

Composers Chris de Burgh Rupert Neville Hine

Date of recording at about 1984


Man On The Line

Chris de Burgh

Man On The Line

Record Label A&M Records / 395 002-2

Year of production 1984

1. The ecstasy of flight ( I love the night )
2. Sight and touch
3. Taking it to the top
4. The head and the heart
5. The sound of a gun
7. Much more than this
8. Man on the line
9. Moonlight and vodka
10. Transmission ends